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The Practice: The 101

4 week program (May 13 - June 8th) | DIGITAL


I am a passionate Holistic Nutritionist and educator, and am excited to guide you to a deeper level of wellness. This 4-week program is dedicated to optimizing your health—food first! Learning the basic nutritional building blocks, mindful eating practices  and delicious recipes to get you to a more vital & vibrant place. These are the 101s that you need to know to thrive! 


We will meet Wednesday 12-13 on Zoom for four weeks for delightful and informative calls, where I share with you the Basics of Nutrition Health. I focus on nutrient dense foods, emotional balance and longevity. I'm a nutriotnist who works from the 'Food First' angle, and all the recipes are falvorful + innovative food combinations, create by me, based on my global travels in South America, Eruope and Asia. 


Group Call Dates: 

  • May 15, 12-13
  • May 22, 12-13
  • May 29, 12-13
  • June 5, 12-13


Intake: You will receive a health questionnaire to fill out for initial intake. We will have a 30-minute personal intake call to kick off the program. The intake is due/must be completed by May 13th.


Weekly Sessions: You will receive tasks and 'homework' to keep you motivated and involved with your health journey each week. 


Program Culmination: We will celebrate and honor our work on the last group call together. Additional individual sessions can be booked and purchased seperately. 


I Can't wait to work with you!



The Practice: The 101s (May)

3 000,00 krPrice
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