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Wanted to learn to cook the BioHacking way?

Learning about what Vegetables, Fruits and Proteins we should eat; Learn how to optimzie their nutritional value of tehse ingredients (cooked carrots give you more caretonoids that raw; raw broccoli gives you more vitamin C and sulforaphane than cooked broccoli); It's helpful to know about and learn how to remove anti-nutrients (Phytates, Oxalates, Saponins, and Lectins) from your diet entirely or by making adjustments to make certain ingredients more bio-available to you.


Plus, we make delicious yet easy to cook recipes that you will make time and time again! I can't wait to share my passion for incredible food with you, and offer a dose of interesting and enlightening information to empower you with all the choices you have to Uplevel you life! 


Let me get Geeky for you, so you can go live your delicious life! 


See you there!



The Practice 

BioHacking Culinary Cooking Class

350,00 krPrice
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