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THE BODEGA: High-Vibrational Foods

Grab your delicious, nutrient-dense, to-go lunch here at THE BODEGA.
On offer are Soups from Soup Yourself, the flavor-bomb, nutrient dense, comforting and hearty soups, created and made by Hanna Duner, the author of Soup YourselfArriving straight off of her popular Pop-Up Boutique on Nybrogatan in Östermalm this past Spring, she is here now at this event only! Copies of her Cookbook will be available for purchase at THE BODEGA.

So, pop by during lunch to get some delicious Soup!
Available at THE BODEGA between 11:30-14:30 (Monday 23/10 through Sunday 29/10)



Plant based meals will be lovingly prepared daily, featuring seasonal ingredients with a twist that only Camilla can bring! Big, bold, global flavours and a gastronomic finesse, these meals will leave you satisfied from your taste buds to your bones. A few fan favorites will return, including:
The Marstrand Mermaid Kale Salad, The ABCV Carrots, and The Thai Tuk Tuk Noodles

Also available: The Practice Granola, The Chlorophyll Lemonade, The Beauty Water. 



Feel refreshed and quench your thirst with drinks from our fabulous innovative partners, including:
ICHA Kombucha 
Scansei Sparkling Matcha
Tehuset Java Teas 



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