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What we repeat, we strengthen. This is why we practice new practices of thinking, acting and being, but we can’t do it in a vacuum. We need to hear the stories of others, we need to witness someone else practicing this in daily life, we need to be part of a community that lives effortlessly this way.

The Practice Circle is a Weekly Call that gathers women of all ages in all locations to create space for your own personal check-in. Here you are invited to be witnessed, heard and to learn new practices to support you.


Investment: 3500 sek (350 x 10 sessions)



You are invited to Join The Practice Circle.  We will be meeting Fall 2024, beginning TUESDAY August 20th (Week 34) on Zoom. Meetings are held 12:00-13:00 CET, every week and you are being asked to commit to meeting weekly. We will hold 10 circles (August 20th - October 22nd). The circle format begins with individual sharings and then a Practice Topic and then respective sharings specific to the topic. 



You will be initiated into a self-transformative process via the Individual sharings, which asks you to participate, open hearted, taking a few minutes to check-in with yourself and sharing from that place. This doesn’t require details or story, but rather transcends the ‘narrative’ to get granular with the underpinning emotions and thoughts that reside there. Others will be asked to witness and hear you, but not respond in any way. Your truth is thus honored, removing the need to perform or any expectation of receiving feedback (positive or negative). It can be quite scary and liberating to just be seen in your truth. So we practice this! 

The Practice topic, led by me (camilla) can take the form of a meditation, reading or a talk, on themes that can range from ‘what is your idea of femininity’ or ‘What would life be like if we practiced Radical Acceptance’ or ‘what does stress mean to you’ — each week will have a new topic and doesn’t require any preparation on your part. You are welcome to suggest a topic that might be presenting itself in your life. Each member will then be asked to share their own reflections and experiences around that weeks topic. This is a sacred space where all opinions are welcome and respected. 



If you can’t make the call of the week, you will receive a recording of the Wisdom Topic. Note that Individual sharings (pre and post topic) will not be recorded. All recordings will be live in The Practice Circle Portal, available to you during this Circle Period only. A requirement of this program is that you do not miss more than 3 circles, to keep the energy and commitment to the Circle. If you do miss more than 3, you will be excused from circle for this period and no refunds are provided. Your presence and participation is beyond valuable.  Your experience will be held with sacred respect and honours your unique individuality. You will be part of co-creating the energy in this circle and together we will help others to expand and evolve. The bond that is facilitated here and the ways in which we show up will be practiced in this safe space, and will reverberate out into your other relationships and ways of being in the world. This experience will create an effortlessness in your life as you begin to live The Practice.

I can’t wait to meet you here and see your growth!


All are welcome! Space however is limited for each Circle, in order to create intimacy and a closed container. Your participation will be based on harmonious interaction and dynamics of this circle. We will set up an introductory call and you will be notified within the
week of your invitation into circle. Should you not receive an invitation for this round, you may receive one for the Spring circle.
Thank you for submitting the below; I will be in touch to set up a and I can't wait to meet you! 

Let's set up a call!

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